Artisan quality leather dog leashes, collars
and toys. Custom dog collar orders welcome!

We love custom orders!

We at Raw Dog started this business because we had a heck of a time finding a simple, decent quality, classic leather lead at anything close to a reasonable price. After what you might charitably call a "debacle" with another custom leather dog gear company we decided to forget the search, went out and bought an industrial sewing machine, a lot of locally tanned leather and the highest quality hardware we could locate, and started making our own gear.

We want to make the search for rugged quality, classy looking, and comfortable dog gear easy for you. We confidently say that if it's logistically possible and made with leather, we can make it for you. Any collar style from sighthound collars to slip collars, any type of lead you can imagine (How about a hands-free running lead to clip around your waist when jogging?), harnesses, tug and bitework equipment... you name it, we can do it, and we won't harass you for wanting an eyelet for a key-ring set in your leash. We even make horse tack and people gear. If it's logistically possible, we're your folks.

The gear in the photos above is available individually produced on a custom order basis only. Specific pieces shown may still be available--if you see something you like, contact us! We work as quickly as possible, but because everything is tailored to your specs and your dog's measurements, please allow several weeks for production. Rush orders are sometimes possible--if you need something tomorrow, give us a call and we'll talk. If you find your perfect piece of gear displayed above, or have a unique vision, give us a shout and we'll contact you within 48 hours for any clarifications or discussion on the gear you want to create. A 50% deposit is required to start production on all custom gear.

Once the piece is complete, you will receive a set of photos of your custom gear. At this time, we can make any adjustments or changes, if possible. If you're not satisfied, or the piece isn't what you had in mind, you're under no obligation to purchase it, but the deposit is non-refundable once production starts. Please consider your needs and tastes carefully before placing your custom order. We take great pride in having built a word-wide business entirely on word-of-mouth advertising. As such, your pleasure and satisfaction in your Raw Dog gear is of paramount importance to us. We will ask many questions and work closely with you to ensure you recieve exactly the piece of gear you have in mind, but please choose wisely; because of the very great time investment involved in custom work, we will under no circumstances offer cash refunds for custom-crafted gear. We will do our best to offer as much information and advice as you need in choosing your perfect piece of gear, but only you can know what's most appropriate for your pets and your circumstances.

Please contact us directly if you're looking for a leash longer than six feet in length. One or two straps are available from the backbone cut of each hide-this cut is the strongest piece of leather, and is generally between eight and eleven feet; the length varies from hide to hide. Give us a call or an e-mail and we'll let you know what we have in stock, or can contact you as soon as the piece you're looking for becomes available.

Please contact us to design your ideal Raw Dog gear.
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