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The gallery above shows a selection of custom-built Y-front walking harnesses in a pattern originally designed to suit the needs of a pretty Shiba Inu named Winnie (pictured smiling above on the beach).

Winnie's Y-front walking harness is a comfortable, everyday harness appropriate for just about anything on your schedule. The wide, comfy chest plate and top saddle distribute pressure evenly around the body, while the low Y-front makes it exceptionally suitable for head-down activities such as tracking, trailing, or search-and-rescue work.

Winnie's harness features:

  • Chest plate removable for easy cleaning or substitution with a lighter, suede-padded plate
  • Ideal design for dogs requring no restriction at tracheal area
  • Leash clip point located at the center back of the harness
  • Second D-ring located at nape of the neck for work requiring a second connection point
  • Adjustable at shoulders and belly band for seasonal weight or coat changes
  • All pieces individually separable and replaceable for deep cleaning or repair with expectations of a long and happy life.
  • Possibilities: endless! All kinds of groovy customization options
An optional add-on is a short, four-to-six inch strap with clips on either end which, when clipped to the saddle D's, acts as a handy pooch-handle or a seatbelt attachment loop. The "Roomier" clip is about twice as long.

We don't sell harnesses in the open catalog, "off the rack". We feel a piece of equipment so integral as a body harness should always be built thoughtfully, crafted to fit like a glove. Whether the task at hand is tracking, drafting, weight-pull, agitation work, or just strolling down the beach, we feel that durable and thoughtfully-constructed gear makes any task a whole lot nicer. All harnesses are custom-built to your dog's body measurements. Whether your "medium dog" is a deep chested and slim-waisted sighthound, a barrel-shapped bulldog, a long-bodied corgi, or the best kind of Heniz 57 K9 not shaped quite like anyone else, every Raw Dog harness is custom-crafted to suit the individual dog's unique shape, proportions, and working "lifestyle". Every harness is infinitely customizable; absolutely any detail can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Have a particular type or style of harness in mind?
We have built harnesses in all styles for a wide range of activities. We'll happily build anything you can imagine. We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about building a custom harness to serve your particular needs and situation. Be prepared to talk about your dog and the activities you enjoy together; besides being a bunch of dog nerds around here, it's all good information that will help us in crafting your ideal piece of gear. We are also more than happy to gear up any other critter you might have on hand, from pigs and goats to cats and cavies!

Because a tired dog is a good dog: Yuki Packs!

Have you ever been out walking and found yourself wondering how exactly your dog could combine long, leisurely walks in the woods and a remarkably stylish Raw Dog harness to start earning his salary? Wonder no more! Enter: Yuki Packs!

Named for the handsome, cream-colored fellow up above for which they were originally designed, these sweet saddlebags were created specifically for use with the Winnie harness, but can be easily modified for use with any other style or as simple, over-the-shoulder dog-walk bags. We keep one hung with our hat and favorite leash by the back door, stuffed with all the necessities for walkies for grab-and-go action.

Leather Options:
  • Deerskin: Lovely, light, and soft. Most appropriate when weight and bulk must be minimized.
  • Elk: Sturdier than deer and a bit heavier. Good for atheltic smaller dogs or larger dogs who need lighter bags.
  • Moose: Best all-around choice for rugged outdoor use. Very sturdy with a gorgeous, rich texture.
  • Buffalo: This stuff will hold up to anything. Anything. Heavy and heavy-duty with a rough, pebbly surface texture. This bag will outlive several generations.
  • Light latigo or motorcycle leather bags: Projects pending... drop us a line!

Made in your choice of leather and custom-fitted to your Raw Dog harness, these nifty packs feature removable, washable, heavy-duty canvas duck liners which zipper securely closed and Velcro into place. The packs themselves close with standard buckles, clip to the saddle rings, and are secured at side and bottom with snap points along the underline strap and belly band. These bags are quite roomy; even the small bags have plenty of room for a couple PB&Js and juice boxes. Should you need to give your canine pal a break, or want to use one as a general-purpose walkies-bag, all packs come with a light 3/8" ring-ended line, which can be kept tucked inside and used as an over-the-shoulder carrying strap. Because we're AB deciples and hate unitaskers, the shoulder strap is built so that it can also be pressed into service as an emergency all-in-one slip-lead, should the need arise.

Like all Raw Dog harnesses, each set of bags is designed to fit the harness and the pooch tasked with packing them; please give us a shout if you need help deciding which category your dog fits into. In very general terms, we imagine small dogs to be roughly Dauchshund/Cocker/Sheltie sized, medium dogs to be roughly Kelpie/Aussie/Springer/APBT sized... "Large" says bench-type Lab/Setter/Rotties/Coonhounds to us, while XL would be the Molosser crowd, giant breeds, and pastoral guardians, as well as smaller hooved critters like goats, mini horses and donkeys. Though we have not yet been asked to make a set of stuff bags for a pocket-sized pooch, drop us a line... we're sure we can work something out.

For all you compulsive pocket-fillers out there, at the bottom of the ordering form on the right is the option to add a spare set of "stuff bags" for, you know, all the cool stuff you and your canine pal might come across in your travels. Keep them tucked inside the outer shell as a spare set of bag liners; these extra stuff-bags can also be carried separately from the outer shells should you suddenly find yourself in need of extra carrying-capacity.

Get a closer look at a Yuki Pack!

Please contact us for different styles or sizes as needed. Anything is possible!