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We at Raw Dog feel that your work should support your life, and not the other way around. We believe in taking a day off. We believe in spending more time outside, and less time in front of the TV. We believe in cooperative, working relationships with the human and non-human beasties in our lives, of which there are many (we also believe in lots of furry little feet running around the house). We believe that time spent with your dog is never wasted, and that a tired dog is a good dog (kids, too). We believe in eating dinner with family, nightly.

We believe in singing, in cooking, in running, in playing, in making things with your hands, in more organic materials and fewer plastics. We believe the less polyester in our lives, the better.

We believe in buying locally produced goods and services, whenever possible. We believe in small-scale, organic and sustainable agriculture, in heritage and heirloom breeds, and in family farms. We believe in locally produced foods, in biologically appropriate pet foods, and in raw and whole, fresh foods. Above all, we believe in creating a vision of your future and your world, and in doing whatever it takes to find it.

I am Mixie, the owner, founder, and head artisan at Raw Dog Leather. I seek a better life than an endless loop of salary and debt, of meaningless work to collect a paycheck. I seek a life where I make my living with my hands and my head and my heart, my ambition and perseverance. A life lived outdoors and at home, instead of in the office; a life spent enjoying the company of my dog. With a lot of luck, sweat, and the love, support, and unfathomable patience of my husband and partner in all things, we are working towards these goals.

In 2005, a recent college graduate with an eighteen-month-old Dogo Argentino puppy, looking for a simple leather lead and dismayed by the junk found in pet stores, I started Raw Dog with the intent and desire to produce well-crafted, sturdy, and still classy-looking dog gear: rugged gear built to stand up to working dogs. In other words, the kind of gear I could not find, or could not afford once I did find it. Started as a hobby, I found that there were an awful lot of people who'd had the same problems, and Raw Dog stepped in to fill a niche.

In January of 2007 I took the leap, quit my full-time day job and went forward marketing Raw Dog. Raw Dog has steadily grown and flourished; we're now shipping gear all over the world and selling gear through several retail pet boutiques in the Pacific Northwest.

At about the same time period, late 2006, the planets finally aligned, I found a general falconer willing to sponsor my falconry apprenticeship, and the third great adventure of my life began. Now fully state and federally licensed, and in the process of trapping and training my first hawk, I can't help but see these two events in tandem: the evolution of my business and my life as a falconer. Here I am, stepping out of a place of safety and into adventure.

As an exercise in record-keeping and in hopes it will turn out to be an awfully good story, I'll be keeping a journal.

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